ULEZ checker: Is your car exempt from the Ultra Low Emission Zone?

In April 2019, London became the first city in the world to establish a dedicated “ultra low emission zone” (ULEZ) — is your car exempt?
Fears of mis-selling as car finance booms

PCP final payment options explained

Some nine out of ten new cars bought in the UK are financed through Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deals; but what should you do when it ends?
Porsche to use synthetic e-fuel in Supercup racing

Synthetic e-fuel explained

When Porsche announced that it was teaming up with Siemens to build a synthetic e-fuel factory in Chile, it was music to a lot of peoples’ ears...
Are 3D and 4D number plates legal in the UK?

Number plate rules explained

Although the rules around the legibility of number plates in the UK are quite strict, customised plates are still a common modification.
What is a mild-hybrid car?

Mild hybrids explained

Last year, some 18% of all cars sold in the UK were mild hybrids. Here we explain what that means.
Car insurance to soar after compensation shake-up

Warning over car insurance premium increases

Drivers are being warned of a potential rise in insurance premiums this year, despite new consumer protection regulations.

Do electric cars have gears?

The vast majority of electric cars, by their nature, don’t have gears.
Best vehicle trackers for all budgets

Vehicle trackers explained

There are very few arguments against fitting a vehicle tracker to your car.
Are old-style paper driving licences still valid?

Are old-style paper driving licences still valid?

Old-style licences were replaced by photocards 23 years ago, but some people are still unsure whether or not their paper versions are legal.
Insurers call for clampdown on salvaged car loopholes

Write-offs explained

An insurance company may deem a damaged car unsafe or uneconomical to repair. This is known as a write-off.
A guide to electric motoring terms

What are electrified, mild and full hybrid cars?

Have you been wondering what an electrified car is, or are confused about terms such as mild hybrid, full hybrid and plug-in hybrid car?
Coronavirus: carmakers are considering finance payment holidays

Can you freeze car finance during Covid-19?

Car price guide Parkers have reported that some car manufacturers are considering allowing payment holidays due to the spread of coronavirus.
The best and worst cars for child safety in 2019 Subaru Forester Euro NCAP crash test

The best and worst cars for child safety

Several new cars have been awarded a five Euro NCAP safety rating in 2019. But which motors are the best when it comes to child protection?