Steph Houghton, Nissan Juke Nismo: Me and My Motor

Me and My Motor: Steph Houghton, captain of the England women’s football team

Steph Houghton, the captain of the England women’s football team, shot to fame when she scored the winning goal for Team GB against Brazil at Wembley during the 2012 Olympics.
The Queen's cars: Range Rover

Her Majesty The Queen at 90: the cars of Queen Elizabeth II

When it comes to cars, while The Queen is most often pictured chauffeur-driven to Royal engagements, Her Majesty also likes to get behind the wheel...
Ginetta jacket and bag review

Products: Ginetta Titan Track Coat and QRB Rucksack reviewed

Ginetta may not possess the long and illustrious racing history of Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar or Lotus but the fellow British marque remains...
2016 Driving Rich List - Lewis Hamilton

2016 Driving Rich List revealed: Bernie stays top despite £460m drop in wealth

The Sunday Times reveals the 2016 Driving Rich List, and Bernie Ecclestone remains the wealthiest man in motoring despite the outspoken motor racing magnate's wealth dropping by an eye-watering £460m
Renault launches new Koleos family-friendly SUV

Renault launches new Koleos family-friendly SUV

Renault gave up trying to sell large family cars in early 2012. Then, it cut no less than five model ranges from its showrooms
First details and pictures of the new 2016 Porsche 718 Cayman

Downsized but downhearted? Porsche launches 4-cylinder 718 Cayman

Porsche has revealed the new 718 Cayman sports car at the Beijing motor show, and its introduction is bound to cause murmurs of discontent
Reader Letters: HGV tailgating, average speed cameras and healthy cyclists

Reader Letters: HGV tailgating, average speed cameras and healthy cyclists

"The authorities should recognise the danger caused by being tailgated by HGVs (often continental lorries) when motorists are trying to keep to the restricted speed limits..."
Car Clinic: how can I improve the visibility of my Fiat Ducato's speedo dial?

My Fiat Ducato's speedo dial is hard to read

It’s hard to read the speedo in our new Fiat Ducato motor home because the dial is dark and far away. What can we do?
Car Clinic: Can BMW parts delay be compensated?

Am I entitled to compensation for my BMW being off the road?

My newish BMW has been at the dealer for two weeks awaiting a third-party component. Aren’t manufacturers legally obliged to maintain adequate stocks?
2017 Honda NSX review by Charlie Turner for Sunday Times Driving

First Drive review: 2016 Honda NSX

In many ways it would be wrong to compare the Honda NSX to a Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi R8 or McLaren 570S, although those are its natural rivals...
Ferrari 488 GTB review by Jeremy Clarkson

The Clarkson review: 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB

We British like to think of ourselves as being well mannered and cultured, with a great sense of humour and a steely resolve that manifests itself in the shape of...
2016 BMW M2 review by Giles Smith of The Sunday Times

First Drive review: 2016 BMW M2

Driving, as we know, is an endangered craft. Automation is on the way and the motor industry is now using the best part of its considerable ingenuity to bring the experience of driving a car ever clos