Texan driver smashes through supermarket in Ram truck

Gives new meaning to the phrase 'price crash'

A TEXAN motorist caused $500,000 (£379,540) of damage, and endangered lives, after smashing his pick-up truck straight through a supermarket.

Captured by the Walmart store’s CCTV cameras, the 19 year old driver caused considerable damage to the outlet in his appropriately-branded Ram truck. As well as destroying the frontage, the vehicle continued ploughing through displays further into the shop.

Miraculously, no one was injured in the crash. This includes the two people exiting the shop; one of whom the pick-up truck driver is alleged to have had a verbal altercation with prior to the crash.

According to reports, the ramming incident was triggered after the truck driver and his “female acquaintance” had an argument outside of the supermarket. After a passerby intervened and encouraged the woman to head back into the Walmart, the 19 year old seeming responded by returning to his vehicle and driving into the store.

The carnage didn’t end there, however. When local police arrived at the scene, the Texan driver attempted to flee — only to collide with a nearby parked car in the process.

The pursuit was extremely shortlived, with the suspect being detained by law enforcement at a nearby petrol station.

At time of writing, the suspect is facing multiple charges, with investigators being approved arrest warrants for “First Degree Felony Criminal Mischief and two counts of Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon”.

Unsurprisingly, the pick-up truck was also reported to be considerably battered in the crash, with the police report stating “a large amount of fuel leaking from the truck’s heavily damaged undercarriage”.

Credit: Walmart via San Angelo Police Department via Storyful