Who is fastest: Clarkson, Hammond or May? The Grand Tour test driver gives her verdict

GT's test driver Abbie Eaton gives her verdict

WITH SO much supercar mileage under their belts, all three presenters of The Grand Tour are pretty handy behind the wheel. Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are often seen pushing 200mph+ cars to their limits (and sometimes beyond, in Hammond’s case), and even James “Captain Slow” May has proven to be pretty adept in a performance car over the years.

Out of the three hosts, though, who is the fastest? One person who might have a better idea than most is The Grand Tour’s test driver, Abbie Eaton, and it’s a question put to the pro racer in a new video from DriveTribe, the car community website.

According to Eaton, out of the three hosts, the quickest is (drumroll)… Jeremy Clarkson.

It’s not just because of Clarkson’s penchant for powerrrr: Eaton reckons the 59-year old’s aggressive driving style and decisive decision-making means he is overall better suited to circuit work than his colleagues. No doubt Hammond, who is more often associated with track-based vehicle testing, will be crying himself to sleep tonight.

This wasn’t the only bombshell that Eaton dropped during the DriveTribe Q&A. Perhaps the most surprising revelation of them all, considering she’s a professional racing driver, is the car she uses as her daily driver. Watch DriveTribe’s video interview with Abbie Eaton above to find out what it is.

Cant’s see the video? Click here.

The Grand Tour’s perfect tame racing driver: Abbie Eaton