News: Road rage driver attacked by Mickey Mouse and Spongebob (video)

Surreal, but violence is never a laughing matter

Mickey Mouse

DON’T MESS with Mickey Mouse, especially when you’ve got a bad case of road rage. A Russian van driver got a surprise when he ended up in a scuffle with the Disney character and a posse of other cartoon creations.

In the bizarre confrontation, captured by a following car’s dashcam and uploaded to Youtube, a van driver is shown cutting up a minibus on an empty highway in Chelyabinsk in Russia. The enraged driver steps on the brakes, forcing the minibus to stop.

After exiting his vehicle, the van driver approaches the minibus and confronts the passengers. To his surprise, four people dressed as cartoon characters, including Spongebob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse, shuffle out of the minibus and proceed to hurl punches and kicks at the van driver. The group then climb back aboard their vehicle leaving their assailant lying on the road.

While the surreal situation may appear humorous, road rage is always a serious matter. It never pays to resort to violence as the final outcome is likely to be injury to those involved and damage to the vehicles.