What is tyre insurance and do I need it?

Tyre insurance is an increasingly common offering from car dealerships alongside a plethora of other policies such as dent protection.
RDTS safety device from Coventry University blasts water away from car tyres as you drive to provide grip in wet weather

Safety device blasts water away as you drive

A new device that blows water away from tyres on wet roads could prove the difference between life and death, according to the inventors.

Decade-old tyres could be banned from next year

Road tyres that are 10 years or older could soon be outlawed from UK roads, if proposed legislation is given the green light.
Spectacular CCTV footage captures tyre exploding during inflation

Video: Spectacular tyre failure caught on CCTV

A motorist in the United States had an extremely lucky escape, when a damaged tyre exploded while it was being inflated.

Most part-worn tyres sold in UK are illegal

A Trading Standards investigation suggests more than 90% of part-worn tyre dealers are selling defective used tyres to their customers.