UK’s £27bn road-building plan heading for a legal logjam

Environmental objections hold up government’s road building plans and could lead to traffic chaos.
Middlesbrough becomes testing ground for e-scooters

Middlesbrough is testing ground for e-scooters

Middlesbrough has become the first place in the country to trial the use of e-scooters on its roads.

Oxford calls for cable car to tackle traffic

It is known for its dreaming spires but Oxford may be about to get a new addition to its famous skyline.
Roadside beauty spots to keep drivers alert - highways england plans - angel of the north, gateshead

Roadside beauty spots to keep drivers alert

England’s busiest roads are to be given a facelift under plans to prevent drivers nodding off at the wheel. Motorways and larger A-roads, often...
The future of transport: jetpack aviation

The future of transport: The next ride to work

Forget the bus: futuristic flying machines, rocket skates and electric skateboards promise to make our daily commutes far more exciting.
In pods we trust: enter the 700mph Hyperloop

The future of transport: In pods we trust

Underground tubes carrying passengers at speeds of 700mph may sound like a pipe dream, but Richard Branson has faith in the hyperloop.

Traffic jam cost rises to £9bn a year

Highways chiefs have been ordered to reduce the time taken to reopen motorways after accidents as figures showed that traffic jams cost the econo
Improved roads and more bypasses to be paid for by road tax

Improved roads and bypasses paid for by road tax

The government has announced plans to build new bypasses across Britain, as it attempts to tackle congestion in towns and cities. In a surprise
British roads are worse than Oman’s

British roads are worse than Oman’s and Namibia's

Roads in the UK are in a worse condition than in many other developed nations, even though Britons pay the world’s highest tax on fuel ...

Rail grant cut to put 190,000 trucks on road

British roads could be hit by up to 190,000 extra lorry journeys a year after “penny-pinching” ministers cut £4m of subsidy for rail freight...
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News: Luminescent paint lights the way on dark roads

ROADS THAT glow in the dark and don't require streetlights have arrived after a 500m stretch of highway using an innovative paint was opened in the...