Haas F1 Team sponsor Rich Energy had a Twitter meltdown — the best reactions

We're not sure what's more hilarious: Rich Energy's outlandish outbursts on social media, or some of the reactions we found on Twitter.

'James May as curtains' thread lands on Twitter

It was only going to be a matter of time before James May's distinctively-patterned shirts inspired a "celebs as things" thread on Twitter.
Tech: social media giants hit mute on the spoiler

Tech: How Twitter & Facebook hit mute on spoilers

Social media feeds that give away plot details of hit films and TV series have angered fans and forced Facebook and Twitter to act.
Ghost brokers: police warn of rise in fake car insurance

Police warn of rise in fake car insurance

Scammers are using social media to trick drivers into buying fake car insurance policies. Police in London warn that around 850 people have repo
Nine million motorists refuse to put down their phones while driving

Nine million drivers refuse to put down phones

A report by motoring group the RAC suggests more than 9m motorists in the UK use a handheld phone to make or receive a call while driving...
Driver distractions tested at TRL

Driver distractions: why a smartwatch could lead to...

The new generation of smartwatches could pose a bigger risk to drivers and other road users than using a handheld phone at the wheel

Driving distractions: the gadgets most likely to cause...

From touchscreen sat navs and music systems to syncing phones and now the Apple Watch, an Innovations catalogue of distracting gizmos is fighting...