Hilarious 'James May as curtains' thread lands on Twitter

Which James May / curtain combo is your favourite?

SOCIAL MEDIA’s latest trend — “celebs as things” — has reached the offices of The Grand Tour and stepped inside James May’s dressing room closet.

In a fresh twist on the meme that has included “Chris Hemsworth as hammers“, “Holly Willoughby as Fiat 500s” and even “Jeff Goldblum as pencil boxes” (we’re not making this up), the team behind the Amazon car show’s Twitter account spotted a remarkable similarity between living room curtains and the… erm, distinctive shirts that James May has worn during filming of the first three series.

Unsurprisingly, the James May curtain tweets have gone down well with Grand Tour viewers on Twitter. At the time of writing, the posts have roughly 29,000 likes and 4,100 retweets between them, and they’ve even inspired fans to get involved with their own suggestions.

There’s even a Reddit thread dedicated to “matching James May’s clothes to curtains”.

This isn’t the first time James May’s gone ‘viral’ on the Internet. As part of a recent Grand Tour challenge, the presenter made a Toyota Yaris GRMN hot hatch unboxing video, which has since gone on to amass over 1.1m views on YouTube.


Watch James May unbox a full-size Toyota Yaris GRMN