Watch James May unbox a full-size Toyota Yaris GRMN

"It's a real car, in a real box"


WITH THE Grand Tour being produced by Amazon and unboxing videos remaining as popular as ever on YouTube, it’s perhaps no surprise James May has created his own such clip.

His isn’t your usual unboxing video, though, as it features a full-sized car — in this case, a Toyota Yaris GRMN hot hatchback.

With May known as the anorak-wearing member of the Grand Tour presenting trio, the clip predictably goes into a fair amount of depth, with particular attention paid to the owner’s manual, towards the end.

Plenty of ‘May-isms’ feature, too, with perhaps our favourite being: “You only unbox something once. Something that has once been unboxed can never been boxed again, because it’s already been unboxed.”

It’s unlikely any other Toyota Yaris GRMNs will be delivered this way, of course, despite its relative exclusivity; of the 400 examples of theWorld Rally Championship-inspired supercitycar that were made available in Europe, only 100 were destined for the UK. All have been sold.