Hilarious ‘James May as curtains’ thread lands on Twitter

It was only going to be a matter of time before James May's distinctively-patterned shirts inspired a "celebs as things" thread on Twitter.
Hit-and-run suspect tracked down with help of Reddit users

Hit-and-run suspect tracked down via Reddit

A police officer in Washington was able to arrest a hit-and-run suspect, with the assistance of some eagle-eyed car enthusiasts on Reddit.

Test Bench: Smart plugs

Even plugs can be hooked up to the web via WiFi now. Here are two options that we had a look at.
Tech: social media giants hit mute on the spoiler

Tech: How Twitter & Facebook hit mute on spoilers

Social media feeds that give away plot details of hit films and TV series have angered fans and forced Facebook and Twitter to act.

Apps: Broadband speed checkers

An appropriately quick rundown of three of the best Internet speedchecker apps out there.
Opinion: If Uber is worth what the investors claim, I’ll eat my brake pads

Opinion: If Uber is worth what the investors claim

With a name like Uber, a business could not make the scale of its ambitions clearer. Deutschland über alles, and all that...
Forty years on, the motor driving Auto Trader is digital

The motor driving Auto Trader is digital

Time was if you had a furled copy of Auto Trader under your arm, you were either a trilby-wearing, felt-collared, George Cole-lookalike member of
Buzzard WiFi dongle review

Products: EE Buzzard 2 in-car 4G wi-fi dongle

Did you know that modern smartphones can be turned into mobile wi-fi hotspots? This device from EE will do the same thing as your phone but there...