2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid review

The Toyota RAV4 is a brilliantly practical family car, and efficient around town. But those looks will divide.

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SUV review

Once upon a time, the RAV4 was a bit of a rebel. With its surfer-dude vibe and fun-to-drive attitude, it shook off Toyota’s grey cardigan image
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Toyota Rav4 Mk 4 review (2013-on)

If the Toyota Land Cruiser is the heavyweight of the Toyota family, the Rav4 is the middleweight battler; lighter on its feet but still packing plenty...
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Toyota RAV4 Mk 3 review (2006-2013)

Since 1994 Toyota has refined the compact SUV formula and a huge number of rivals have appeared - but it has never lost sight of what makes the RAV4...
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First drive review: Toyota Rav4 Mk 4 (2013)

Back in 1994 Toyota introduced a new type of car to the world. The Rav4 was the first compact SUV.