Ahead of its time: the 115-year-old electric car

How does a plug-in Renault Zoe compare with a 1900 electric Cleveland Runabout? And what does that say about the hopes for the technology?
Kim Horton and his Jaguar Mark 2 for a classic car column. Kim's number is 07941270432. The car was previously owned by Tony Wilson, of Factory Records. Pictures from Kim Horton

Me and my classic motor: 1962 Jaguar Mk 2 2.4-litre

This stately, pale green Jaguar does not scream rock’n’roll, but in the early 1980s it belonged to Tony Wilson
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

News: Johnny Cash Rolls-Royce being auctioned without...

IF THEY’RE really lucky, fans of rock and country music legend Johnny Cash could bag his old Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for pennies when it comes...