Clarkson on: supercars

By Jeremy Clarkson's reckoning, supercars are the most fantastic yet ultimately irrational purchases a car buyer can make. They’re expensive, they burn fuel and rubber at absurd rates...
Clarkson quotes: Jeremy Clarkson on America

Clarkson on: America

Don't pick on the little guy, they say, which could explain why Jeremy Clarkson frequently likes to poke fun at America and its inhabitants. Here...
Jeremy Clarkson quotes: foreigners

Clarkson on: foreigners

Jeremy Clarkson has managed to land himself in hot water with Indians, Mexicans, Malaysians, Americans ... in fact, pretty much everyone in the world

Clarkson on: car launches

What would Clarkson have made of Jaguar's rather theatrical launch this week of the BMW 3-series-rivalling XE? As the be-jeansed one chose not to...
Clarkson on Top Gear

Clarkson on: Top Gear

When the BBC’s Top Gear was re-invented in 2002 it proved an instant hit with the public and at its peak attracted UK audiences of more than 7m...
Clarkson on Clarkson

Clarkson on: Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is as cutting about himself as he is about anyone else, and his columns occasionally contain fascinating insights into the life of...
Jeremy Clarkson quotes: convertible cars

Clarkson on: convertibles

Jeremy Clarkson's opinions may entertain or enrage you - but at least he's never dull.
Clarkson on muscle cars

Clarkson on: muscle cars

You'd think Jeremy Clarkson would be a die-hard fan of muscle cars, but get beyond their brash bravado and even Clarkson can rue a lack of finesse.
Clarkson on the enviornment: eco quotes from Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson on: the environment

It's not easy being green... especially with Jeremy Clarkson around. The environment and Clarkson go together as well as a Norwegian Fjord and a...
Jeremy Clarkson quotes: politics

Clarkson on: politics

Jeremy Clarkson is not shy of taking on the people of Westminster, and the politics of the rest of the world doesn’t escape his eye either. Here...
Jeremy Clarkson quotes: Women and the battle of the sexes

Clarkson on: battle of the sexes

While Jeremy Clarkson is pretty even-handed when it comes to discussing gender, his legendary motormouth has landed in him hot water with women on...
Clarkson on cars

Clarkson on: cars

Jeremy Clarkson's opinions may entertain or enrage you — but at least he's never dull. One of his more memorable observations was that...