Learning to change gear will be pointless due to 2030 rule change, experts say

Learner drivers are increasingly choosing to take both driving lessons and their practical driving tests in cars with automatic gearboxes.
Reader Letters: electric car charging standards and towing, M42 refuge, handbrakes on automatics and comfy seats

Reader Letters: electric car charging standards an

"We are charging ahead with electric cars without the necessary planning. The government needs to step in and introduce a fast-charging standard"
Reader Letters: Electric car questions, flat batteries, road tax vigilantes and are parking brakes on automatics necessary?

Reader Letters: Electric car and tax vigilantes

"The government’s plan to ban the sale of pure diesel and petrol cars from 2040 sounds ambitious to me. Will there be sufficient power..."
Reader Letters: Noisy cars, sensible Clarkson, spare wheels, automatic Fiestas and Golf soundtracks

Reader Letters: Sound of fury and puncture woes

"In his review of the 812 Superfast, Alistair Weaver describes how wonderful a Ferrari V12 sounds. No it doesn’t..."
Audi Q5 transmission fault

Car Clinic: My Audi Q5 cuts out at junctions

The engine on my automatic Audi Q5 sometimes cuts out when I brake at junctions. My garage says the unit is fine and the stop-start is...
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Does Dacia offer automatic gearboxes?

Does Dacia offer automatic gearboxes? I have emailed its headquarters, which did not reply, and asked two franchise garages, which shrugged off the...

Have the problems with VW DSG/Audi automatic gearboxes...

Q. I’m thinking of buying a new Audi A3 but am being put off by reports in recent years of problems with the Volkswagen DSG/Audi automatic gearboxes...
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Car clinic: How do you get the best performance from...

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