Reader Letters: Noisy cars, sensible Clarkson, spare wheels, automatic Fiestas and Golf soundtracks

Reader Letters: Noisy cars, sensible Clarkson, spare wheels, automatic Fiestas and Golf soundtracks

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Decibel monsters
In his review of the 812 Superfast, Alistair Weaver describes how wonderful a Ferrari V12 sounds (“A whoosh of F1 magic”, July 16). No it doesn’t, and nor do any of the other decibel-dispensing monsters that regularly shatter my peace. I love stylish cars, but see no reason why they should be audible from half a mile away.
Ian Wish, Prestbury, Cheshire


Less sense, more Clarkson
If someone wants to see reviews of sensible, affordable cars (“Sense and driveability”, Letters, July 23), they can read the many motoring magazines. But for exciting cars and irreverence, read Clarkson.
Ian Lambdon, Isle of Wight


A winter’s tale
Following on from Kevin Platt’s complaint about his Honda Civic’s lack of a spare tyre (“Spare a thought”, Letters, July 16), what if you get a puncture on a winter’s night, it’s too dark to see to fill the tyre with gunk and the nearest fitter doesn’t open for hours?
Barry Borman, northwest London


Unconnected thinking
When I asked the salesman what I was to do if I got a puncture the supplied kit couldn’t repair, he said my Civic came with roadside assistance. I got no response when I asked what happens if I can’t get a phone signal.
Malcolm Boulter, Shrewsbury


Hot topic
Driving in Paris, our auto Ford Fiesta warned us the transmission was in danger of overheating. After warily crossing two lanes of the Boulevard Périphérique we managed to cool it down. A friend said I shouldn’t keep in “Drive” in stop-start conditions, but go into neutral. Surely this advice should be in the handbook, as it was a terrifying experience at the time.
M Pearce, Islip, Oxfordshire


Your mission, Jim …
When a Volkswagen Golf GTI fitted with the Play the Road music app is being laboratory tested (“Tuning division”, Letters, July 16), does it play the theme from (E)mission Impossible?
Hugh Trethowan, Bath


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