Test your knowledge: What happened to Chris Evans' McLaren at CarFest South 2015?

Shocker at the 11th hour

Chris Evans

DJ and presenter Chris Evans’ CarFest South may have been a big success, but it wasn’t without incident. What happened to a £195,000 McLaren 650S while Evans himself was at the wheel?

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Chris Evans McLaren 650S accident at CarFest South 2015

Evans was driving out of the Laverstoke Park farm-based car festival on Monday morning when a car pulling a trailer rolled backwards into the McLaren.“There was a huge crunch,” said a witness. “There must have been some damage to the McLaren.”

Evans hopped out of his car to inspect the damage, along with the driver of the trailer. Evans’ passenger then climbed out of the 650S to help finalise the exchange of details while Evans hit the road, reported “calm and happy”.

There’s still time to patch it up and put it in his forthcoming auction, we suppose.