News: Lexus takes on the BMW M5 with new GS F super-saloon

From the people who make the Prius comes ... the anti-Prius

Lexus GS F

IS LEXUS having some sort of midlife crisis? One moment it is launching save-the-planet petrol-electric hybrids; the next it is partying with Now it feels like tearing around with V8 power, having launched the RC F coupé at the end of 2014 and now the new GS F super-saloon.

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Set to be revealed at next week’s Detroit motor show, the 2015 GS F is the Lexus equivalent of BMW’s M5 or Mercedes’ E 63 AMG and has the same 467bhp 5-litre naturally  aspirated V8 engine as the smaller RC F, with eight-speed transmission that sends power to the rear wheels.

The motor produces its peak power at 7100rpm and delivers 389 Ib ft of torque from 4800rpm; unfortunately for Lexus, both figures trail those of competitors. However, the Japanese car maker says that a kerb weight of 1,830kg makes it lighter than the M5 and E 63, which will offset its power deficit.

Lexus GS F rear view

Its suspension has been reconfigured to improve roadholding, and its differential electronically monitors and varies the torque sent to each rear wheel.

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The price has still to be confirmed but if the smaller RC F is a guide, expect it to be more expensive than its opposite number at BMW – perhaps about £75,000, to the M5’s £73,960.

Lexus GS F interior

The company cannot  confirm precise specifications of British GS F models, or indeed when it will go on sale, but expect it to be late in 2015 if not next year.