Forza Horizon 4 street racing game will be set in Britain

Look out for potholes

THE NEWEST entry in the long-running Forza Horizon series has been announced — with this year’s game location set to cherry pick the best bits of the British landscape.

Based on a stylised rendition of Scotland and England, Forza Horizon 4’s game world promises to be quite a dynamic recreation of Great Britain.

A seasons-based weather system makes its franchise debut in the game, with the seasons set to change on a weekly rotation. For example, your favourite driving road in Forza Horizon 4’s summer will likely be covered in a carpet of leaves in autumn the following week, and after that smothered in snow and ice for another seven days during winter. Players will be able to choose their preferred time of year in custom events, however.

We suspect Britain’s crumbling roads will not be as accurately depicted.

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Forza Horizon 4’s British theme carries over to the cars that will feature in the game too. The mighty McLaren Senna supercar will be included, and prominently displayed on the game’s box cover art, with other legendary British marques such as Jaguar, MG, Aston Martin, Austin-Healey and Land Rover also being represented in the title.

Don’t fret if cars from overseas brands are more up your street, though. With over 450 vehicles from 100 or so manufacturers set to be featured in the game, there’ll be plenty of virtual metal for you to muck around with in Forza Horizon 4.

There should be quite a diverse mix of vehicles too, with off-road racing trucks, iconic classics, some of the latest supercars and even a London taxi all being present in the game from launch.

Little is known about Forza Horizon 4’s events structure at the moment, though a festival-based career mode and a range of multiplayer modes are all-but-guaranteed to be featured.

It was confirmed, though, that as well as the ability to play the game solo, Forza Horizon 4 will include a “shared world” option where all the cars you’ll see in the game will be human players, instead of controlled by a computer AI algorithm.

Forza Horizon 4 is set to be released on the Xbox One consoles and Windows 10-enabled PCs later this year, on October 2.

This article has been updated to correct some inaccuracies about the game modes and weather simulations.

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