Ford Fiesta crashes into £500,000 Lamborghini, driver flees scene

Crash caused up to £40,000 of damage

A VIDEO uploaded to Instagram shows a Ford Fiesta crashing into the back of a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster before fleeing the scene.

The smash happened on the A662 in Manchester in December. Footage shows the Lamborghini, which has an estimated value of over £500,000, slowing down in order to make a left turn before the Fiesta crashes into the car’s rear end.

The driver of the Lamborghini can be seen stopping and exiting his car. The driver of the Fiesta hesitates before continuing down the road.

The person recording the video is heard shouting “Oh, shit!” repeatedly after seeing the crash.

The owner of the Lamborghini, stock trader Sebastian Dubois, took to Instagram and, in an expletive-laced post, asked his followers to help identify the owner of the Fiesta.

In a later post entitled “Lambo final update”, he explained his side of the story and said that he thought the driver of the Fiesta was to blame for the crash.

“I was half a mile away from the office and I needed to turn left about 200 yards ahead of me. […] as I’m slowing down, I’ve got my brake lights on for a while. This guy decides to slow down to record the car, and he makes me look like I’m speeding up, which I’m not, because I’ve got my brake light on.

“[…] I’ve got my indicator on, I’m braking for a good five or six seconds, then I got hit in the back by this Ford Fiesta. And straight away after, this guy fled the scene and that was the end of the incident.”

“This guy made a mistake, which I was okay with — you can make a mistake. But he decided to flee the scene, which makes it a crime, it’s an offence to leave the scene.”


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Failing to stop after an accident or failing to report an accident has a maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment as well as an unlimited fine and five to ten points on your licence, or even disqualification.

The Highway Code states that drivers should always “leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front so that you can pull up safely if it suddenly slows down or stops”. The safe rule is never to get closer than the overall stopping distance.

If, as Dubois claims, the Lamborghini was going at approximately “30mph and slowing down”, the official stopping distance would be up to 23 metres (75 feet) including nine metres of thinking distance and 14 metres of stopping distance.

Dubois also revealed that he had ascertained the registration plate of the Fiesta and that the issue was now being dealt with through his insurance company.

He also criticised the handling of the collision by Manchester police, as well as his treatment by some news outlets he felt had misreported the incident.

The Lamborghini owner described the cost of repairing the car as “massive”, due to the fact that the crash affected a number of carbon fibre components. The repair bill is estimated at £25,000-£40,000.

“The car is being repaired and the situation is being dealt with,” he said.

The V12-powered Aventador SV Roadster was made by Lamborghini in extremely limited numbers and weighs 50kg less than the standard Aventador Roadster. The V12 can produce up to 740bhp and 507 lb ft of torque with 0-60mph taking under three seconds. The top speed is an approximate 217mph.

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