Poll: What car would you have own if you were a Sunday Times Rich List billionaire?

Poll: What car would you HAVE to own if you were a Sunday Times Rich List billionaire?

When money is no object ...

THE SUNDAY Times Rich List 2020 has just landed, and there is some big news for motoring enthusiasts. On Thursday we discovered Lewis Hamilton is now the richest British sportsman of all time, but the headline story this year is that British entrepreneur James Dyson has topped the table overall for the first time, despite having blown half a billion pounds on a failed electric car project. You can read about that, and see the exclusive first images of the development car, here on Driving.co.uk.

The Rich List editors told us that people’s fortunes were calculated prior to the major effects of Covid-19, so the true fallout of the pandemic won’t be known until Rich List 2021, though Driving.co.uk understands Dyson’s tech and manufacturing company has continued to expand while some of the other richest people in the UK, with interests in the likes of oil and property, are expected to suffer over the next 12 months, so growth has been frozen.

There are still a decent number of billionaires in Rich List 2020 (which will be available in full at thesundaytimes.co.uk/richlist), though, and many more millionaires. And that got us thinking: it’s only a matter of time before we make the list (right?), so what road car would we absolutely, positively have to have in our dream garage? When choosing we assumed we have billions in the bank, so money is no object. The McLaren F1, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 250 GTO, Aston Martin DB5 and more all came up.

What would you choose? Let us know in the poll below. It includes our own choices and a list of other cars that popped into our heads immediately. Of course, the longer we look at it, the more vehicles we want to add. For that reason, we’ve included an option at the bottom for those who can’t see the car they’d choose, and you can let us know your actual choice in the comments.

As voting mounts it should give us a good idea of the perfect dream garage… say if we had space for 10 vehicles under our mansion, Tony Stark-style. Which has just made us realise there’s no Tesla Roadster on the list. Damn.

Get voting, anyway, and we’ll see you in Monaco.

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