Jeremy Clarkson follows James May in hosting online pub quiz

Drinks at the ready

Sunday Times Driving columnist Jeremy Clarkson will host an online pub quiz tonight (Friday, April 17), and you can access it through

It has been organised by DriveTribe, the online driving community set up by Clarkson with his Grand Tour co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond. It comes after the success of May’s virtual pub quiz for sister website FoodTribe last week, which saw 16,000 people join live. You’d need a pretty big real pub for that.

As it’s being hosted on the DriveTribe channel rather than the FoodTribe channel, we can expect this one to be a bit more gas pedal (to use the American term) than gastro. Having said that, we do know that Clarkson is a budding farm-to-table chef, after he provided some recipes for the Sunday Times Magazine.

After writing about cars for as many decades as Clarkson has, his car knowledge is encyclopedic so don’t expect it to be easy. Grab yourself a beverage (we know Clarkson is partial to a glass of rosé), some form of streaming device and if you like, a few team mates (cohabitants or virtual meetings only), and come back here for 7pm British Summer Time.

“There’s no prize money, but it’s very easy to cheat,” said Clarkson in his announcement on Twitter. “You don’t even have to cough,” he joked, referencing the cheating scandal on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2001, a show that Clarkson recently hosted. The affair was recently brought TV screens in the appropriately-titled drama Quiz.

The DriveTribe quiz will have five rounds: General Knowledge; Logos; True or False; History and Sport. So get revising.

If you find that the pub quiz leaves you with a hankering for motoring trivia, DriveTribe has also launched a play-at-home quiz pack, which includes rounds such as “name the car from the emoji” and “guess the car from the engine sound”. You can find that here.

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