Lockdown lock-in: James May to host virtual pub quiz

Watch, play and drink along here

MANY PEOPLE will agree that, while we are all adjusting to the housebound lifestyle, there’s no real replacement for a couple of hand-pulled pints at the pub. However, James May, The Grand Tour host and bad shirt aficionado, is doing his best to cure our withdrawal by hosting a virtual pub quiz on Wednesday (April 8, 2020), at 8pm UK time.

The quiz will be available to follow via the YouTube video above but host FoodTribe encourages players to “keep track of your answers in a comment” on a related page at FoodTribe.com.

FoodTribe is an online community for foodies set up by May as well as co-hosts Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson (The Sunday Times Driving columnist). It was created following the popularity of their online motoring social network, DriveTribe.

The trio have varying levels of gastronomic pedigree. Clarkson, who is now a proud farm-owner, has written a handful of recipes for The Sunday Times Magazine, with the first step of each recipe invariably being an instruction to kill something. (The first step to Shepherd’s pie: “Murder a sheep. Mince up its innards and place in a frying pan with a few splashes of olive oil and a chopped-up onion.”)

May said in a FoodTribe post that he attempted to go vegan but it didn’t last. When asked how hot he has his Nando’s, in the most bourgeois reply possible, he said: “I don’t know how hot I have my Nando’s, because my staff get them for me.”

Hammond, meanwhile, told Waitrose Magazine that he makes a mean fish curry and that he is a big lover of caviar.

If you’re a driving expert, that’s no means a guarantee of winning the quiz. It will consist of five rounds: general knowledge; Clarkson, Hammond and May; food and drink; geography; and film. There will also be a special bonus mystery art round, so dust off your beret and brushes.

May will be joined by FoodTribe editor Rachael Hogg, and there will be a prize available in the form of a personalised message from James May himself. Teams are allowed but make sure you follow social distancing rules — cohabitants or a form of video communication only. The two presenters will present on a split screen, with the questions appearing beneath.

Hogg told us: “In these weird and strange times, we need to make sure we’re still having some fun. And what could be more fun than joining the one and only Captain Slow for a live pub quiz?

“If you’ve always wanted to share a beer with one of the most beloved TV hosts, now’s your chance – and you can answer a few tricky questions while you’re at it. We wrote the quiz together, and we’re hoping there’s something in there for everyone.”

International quiz fans are voicing their willingness to alter their sleep schedules to partake in the event, with some pondering whether it’s okay to drink in the morning. One New Zealander commented: “8pm on 8 April BST is 7am on 9 April NZT. Anyone opposed to me drinking at that hour?”

FoodTribe grants you permission for a 7am beer,” replied Hogg.

Quizmaster May will be hosting on the FoodTribe YouTube channel but you’ll also be able to watch along here, and post answers in the comments below, so feel free to bookmark this page and pop back here at 8pm British Summer Time on Wednesday, April 8. You have a full day to watch as many episodes of The Grand Tour, and read as many atlases and cookbooks as you can.

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