Video: family runs for their lives chased by cheetahs after leaving their car at a safari park

Top five most popular motoring news stories of 2018

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WE HAVE some perennially popular advice pages on — our dash cam reviews and guide to new cars available with 0% interest, for example. You seem to like car reviews, too, particular if they’re written by a bloke called Jeremy Clarkson.

But what were the biggest news articles of 2018? We’ve delved into the stats to bring you the top five most-read stories of the year, in reverse order.


5 Focus on the price

Used Ford Focus for sale, one previous owner — yours for £68,500


4 Swear to 60D

The ’68’ registration plates banned by the DVLA for being too rude


3 Oil stain

Dieselgate: readers complain of new issues after VW ‘fix’


2 Smart car

A Tesla owner wasn’t at home to receive his Amazon delivery — his solution was genius


1 Picnic with a cheetah

Family runs for lives chased by cheetahs after leaving car at safari park