Reader Letters: Clarkson computer woes,

Reader Letters: Clarkson computer woes, "Polite" bikers and dark interiors

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Reader Letters: Clarkson computer woes, "Polite" bikers and dark interiors

A hard drive

If Jeremy Clarkson “drove” a different laptop every week yet kept the same car for six years, he might find that his intuitive feeling for cars but not for computers is reversed (“A lesson from Audi to laptop makers”, October 9). Perhaps it explains his distaste for electric cars — basically computers on wheels.

Dan Wild, Malvern


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Eye-catching development

Mike Pinker is concerned some bikers are wearing safety vests with the word “Polite” on the back (“Vested interest”, Letters, October 9). The fact that he noticed this sartorial development means it is working. All too often, bikers are knocked off their vehicles by cars because of SMIDSY: “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you.” I expect you’ll be seeing more bikers attired thus.

Paul Milner (Norfolk Advanced Motorcyclists), Sheringham, Norfolk


Back to black

Why is it that if I want to order an Audi SQ7 or a Mercedes-AMG or pretty much any high-performance car, the manufacturers think I want to be encased in a black interior? I used to be a funeral director, so you might imagine I would like the colour, but actually I prefer my cars to be bright and light.

Harry Cooksley, Findhorn, Moray


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