Watch Richard Hammond have another go at fateful Rimac hillclimb in The Grand Tour Game

"You're not at the end yet, Hammond, You can't crash"

THE UPCOMING Grand Tour game’s biggest selling point is that it lets players relive their favourite moments from the show. As demonstrated in this video, it also lets Richard Hammond have another go at not crashing his electric Rimac supercar.

Ahead of The Grand Tour Game’s launch on January 15, Hammond’s co-presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May watch on as he’s handed the controller and gets back behind the wheel of the Rimac Concept_One.

With over two years of reflection and Clarkson’s valuable advice “be better than yourself, Hammond” to work with, Hammond set off to complete the Hemberg Hill Climb without having to be hospitalised afterwards.

So, how did Hammond fare on his second attempt? Watch the short clip at the top of the page to find out.

The Grand Tour Game is an upcoming racing game based on the popular Amazon Prime show. As well as letting players experience some of the best challenges and events from the programme, it will be regularly updated with new content inspired by (and released in tandem with) the upcoming Season 3 Grand Tour episodes.

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