James May explains how The Grand Tour video game transitions seamlessly from video clip to gameplay

Go from watching the show to being in it

THE UPCOMING Grand Tour video game’s ability to seamlessly segue from video clips of episodes — featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond  into player-controlled gameplay has been laid bare by May in a new video.

The virtual experience promises to allow players to relive segments from the show within the game, straight after watching them on TV.

As May explains, players can go from “watching us mess about in cars” to being “in the middle of it, doing our jobs”.

Jeremy Clarkson BMW M4 in The Grand Tour game

It’s so effective, says, May, that Richard Hammond should do his driving duties in the game instead of on location, in order to prevent any potential injuries and trips to the nearest hospital. Hammond famously crashed a £2m Rimac Concept One electric supercar during filming of season two of the motoring show, and was treated in hospital with serious injuries – including a fractured knee which required an operation.

Befitting the TV show’s more light-hearted tone, The Grand Tour Game will be less serious than more focused racing games such as Forza or Gran Turismo. The handling model has been designed so “you don’t have to be an expert to harness the horsepower and keep it on the track” – and, if you do end up doing badly in a race, you’ll be “rewarded” with a virtual toilet.

Amazon has yet to confirm PS4 and Xbox One release dates for The Grand Tour Game, though it has said it will receive episodic post-launch updates linked to the upcoming third series.

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