Watch Ken Block go off-road in Terrakhana, the new gymkhana

Dust brother

PREPARE to eat dirt, as Ken Block has hit YouTube again with the latest in his hugely-popular gymkhana video series, this time set in the desert of Utah, America.

Block is a rally and rallycross driver by day but its his gymkhana videos that have propelled him to superstardom, with each edition racking up millions of views on the video sharing website. His fifth in the series, set in San Francisco, has been watched more than 94m times.

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The new “Terrakhana” video, the first set entirely off-road, has already been played a million times since it was uploaded on August 22. It sees him take on the dusty arena of Swing Arm City, which is known as heaven to dirt bike riders due to its steep inclines and drop-offs, ridge-line trails and natural jumps. For most cars, though, it’s fairly inhospitable, but Block’s 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 World Rallycross car was up for the challenge.

Whether or not it truly survived the landing at 1m 24s is open for debate, though.


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