Video: Ken Block beats the train in Gymkhana Nine

The Hoonigan is back

WHEN DRIVING interviewed Ken Block earlier this year, the rally driver and YouTube star responsible for the Gymkhana stunt films flat-out refused to tell us where the next instalment in the series would take place. Now we know.

Released today, Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground takes place in – you guessed it – an abandoned industrial site in Buffalo, New York.

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It does away with much of the humour and sideshows associated with some of the previous Gymkhanas and concentrates on good old-fashioned man-and-car stunts with the 600bhp, 660 lb ft Ford Focus RS RX he drives in the world rallycross championship. Capable of doing 0-60-mph in less than two seconds, it’s a fearsome, fire-spitting hatchback.

For our money, the most jaw-dropping sequence involves a sheer drop into water, but there’s also an impressive train-dodging set piece and another that centres on a pick-up dangling from a helicopter.