Truck captured on CCTV smashing through wall of Russian supermarket

Police suspect brake failure

A WOMAN is in serious condition in hospital after a truck smashed through the wall of a supermarket in Siberia.

Dramatic CCTV footage shows the tow truck crashing into the shop at speed on November 6.

A store worker was also caught up in the crash, though they are not believed to have sustained any injuries. Another shopper managed to narrowly escape being struck by the debris as the tow truck crashed through the wall.

Local police suspect brake failure was the cause of the crash.

This isn’t the first time a vehicle has been caught on CCTV crashing into a shop. In July this year, a pickup truck smashed into a supermarket in Texas, and a phone store in China was damaged in March after a dog “drove” a three-wheeled truck into the shop.

Credit: Irkutsk Police Police via Storyful

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