Watch this dog drive a truck into phone shop

Dog gone ... through a shop window

DOGS are meant to be man’s best friend but you’d probably have a bit of a falling out with Fido if they drove your pick-up truck into a phone store.

That’s what happened in Taixing City in China’s Jiangsu Province on April 22, when a dog was left in a three-wheeled truck, which had been parked outside.

In fairness to the canine companion, the owner should assume much of the blame as he left the vehicle with the ignition switched on. When the dog touched the accelerator, the vehicle lurched forward and flew through a set of glass doors into the shop.

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According to a local report, the four occupants of the shop were shaken but approached the truck, only to discover the dog sitting in the vehicle’s cab.

The accident caused damage to the shop’s glass doors and two counters inside, but fortunately no-one was hurt. The owners of the shop and truck are said to have negotiated compensation privately.

Credit: Ding Weilong via Storyful