Dangerous driver jailed for repeatedly reversing towards people outside a pub

Motorist 'was trying to cause some serious harm and damage by using a car as his weapon'

A  DRIVER from Hemel Hempstead has been sentenced to more than two years behind bars after he was convicted for repeatedly reversing his car into a crowd of people outside a pub.

Liam Loughran, 22, became involved in an altercation between his friend Jack Blackburn and an unidentified person on the dance floor of The Lancer pub in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, and again outside the pub later, according to Bedfordshire Police.

After leaving the scene the pair returned in a silver Kia Rio, with Loughran proceeding to repeatedly reverse the car in the direction of the door staff and other bystanders outside.

Bedfordshire Police said no one was seriously injured in the incident, though door staff needed to intervene to stop a passer-by from being struck by the car. CCTV footage released by law enforcement shows the Kia hitting the building and barriers outside the pub, and coming very close to crashing into the nearby parked cars.

Loughran was sentenced at Luton Crown Court to 28 months in prison, 21 months of which is the result of his dangerous driving antics while the remaining seven months are due to Loughran breaching a suspended sentence and conditional discharge.

His accomplice Blackburn was handed a 10-month prison sentence, a two-year suspension and a fine of £1,250.

Bedfordshire Police detective constable Tracey Joyce said: “This type of violence is unacceptable. In this instance we are extremely lucky that no one was seriously injured.”

She added: “It was clear Loughran was trying to cause some serious harm and damage by using a car as his weapon, and hopefully he can reflect on his actions whilst behind bars.”

Credit: Bedfordshire Police via Storyful

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