Chinese police officer piggybacks old man across busy road

The start of a new public service in China?

A CHINESE police officer assisted an old man crossing a busy road, by carrying him piggyback-style.

According to a report by Mianyang Traffic Police, the officer found the man halfway along the crossing when the traffic lights changed to green. Despite the traffic waiting patiently for the elderly gent man to cross, the officer decided to hoist him onto his back and speed things up.

Having crossed seven lanes of traffic, the old man reached the central reservation on the cop’s back, but wasn’t the end of the adventure, of course. After a rest while they waiting for the lights on the other side of the road to change to red, the pair had to traverse another four lanes together.

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The officer’s actions proved to be very popular with Mianyang Traffic Police’s social media followers, with many users stating how thankful and heartwarmed they were by the gesture.

There’s just one question: what happened when the old man needed to get home?

Credit: Mianyang Traffic Police via Storyful