Charge rage: watch heated row over electric car charging point

Charged discussion between two Tesla owners caught on camera

TWO ELECTRIC car owners were caught on camera nearly coming to blows in an example of “charge rage”, with one driver accusing the other of jumping a queue to use a Tesla Supercharger.

The incident at a Californian mall escalated when the Model X that had been plugged in was allegedly “pounded” by the irate man who had missed out on the spot.

The argument, captured on a smartphone and posted to Twitter by user “jaydenolsen1”, who had been travelling with the Model X owner, quickly escalated into an expletive-filled tirade.

Noticing the signs of a heart condition in his accuser, the Model X owner attempted to de-escalate the situation, worrying his angry foe might suffer a stroke due to the excitement.

The incident isn’t the first of its kind and many predict the increasing popularity of electric cars (which need to be charged for extended periods) will lead to an increased frequency of “charge rage” unless the number of public chargers increases significantly to cope with demand.

While most owners fully recharge their cars at home, long trips require use of public charging infrastructure, as in the case of the Model X owner.


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