Vauxhall to boost electric car on-street charging with data and funding for councils

Vauxhall is working to help give councils “a better understanding” of the need for on-street charging in the UK.
Osprey Charging rapid chargers network

Electric vehicle to charger figures ‘misleading'

Figures showing the number of new plug-in cars outstripping new electric vehicle charging points is 'misleading', says trade body.

£16m pledged for smart charging

The government has announced a £16m investment in the field of “smart” bi-directional electric vehicle charging.
UK has reached “peak petrol”, says research

Can flat-owners install EV chargers?

Some 40% of UK households don't have access to a driveway or garage - how do they charge up their EV?
Mobilize reveals plans for fast-charging EV hubs and two new models

Mobilize to launch 400kW charging hubs

Mobilize has announced that it is to significantly ramp up its presence with plans for a network of 200 high-end charging stations.
Osprey EV charging

Osprey hikes fees to £1 per kWh

Osprey has announced an enormous hike in the cost to use its rapid chargers, becoming the first operator to increase prices to £1 per kWh.
CMA: UK needs ten times more electric car charging points by 2030

10 things to know before you buy an EV

EV ownership can be very convenient but it's different from owning a petrol or diesel vehicle — don't get caught out.
Tesla creates Model 3 emergency response car for police trials

Police EVs 'running out of puff'

Police officers driving electric vehicles are struggling to fulfil their duties and respond to incidents because their cars “run out of puff”...
This is how a man drove an electric Porsche 2,834 miles across America, charging for less than 2.5 hours

Hypermiler breaks trans-America charging record

An American “hypermiling” expert has revealed how he managed to set a new record for the shortest charging times while crossing the USA.

Best and worst EV charging spots in UK

Electric car and van drivers in Coventry have access to most public chargers per vehicle in the UK, according to a new study.
"Hypocritical" government ministers keep buying petrol cars

EV chargers may turn off at peak times

Electric car chargers may not function during peak hours to avoid overloading the national electricity grid, according to new legislation.
Electric car charging point parking bays

Electric charge points to undergo "iconic" revamp

The UK's network of electric car charging points is to be redesigned to give them an "iconic" look akin to that of red postboxes.
'Ugly' electric car charging points get a makeover from children thanks to SEAT and Curpra

'Ugly' charging points get makeover from kids

Almost a third of UK drivers think electric vehicle charging points are eyesores and nearly half don't want them installed on their own street.