Eleven million potholes across UK to go unfilled due to council budget cutbacks

More than 11 million potholes are set to go unfilled following council budget cuts due to go into effect from April.
JCB unveils machine that fixes potholes in 8 minutes

Green light for £15m traffic signal upgrade

The UK government has announced a £15m fund to tackle potholes and modernise traffic signals.
Cyclist received £200k in damages due to pothole

Single pothole payout cost council nearly £250,000

A cyclist in St. Helens received a £200k government payout after suffering multiple injuries from a fall caused by a pothole.
Pothole backlog forces four-month waiting times

Pothole backlog forces four-month waiting times

An increasing backlog of unrepaired potholes has meant that some have been left for up to four months before being filled, it has been reported.