Fifth of classic cars fail MOT — despite not needing one

One in five classic cars in the UK fails its MOT despite not being legally required to have one, new figures show.
2.5m cars with clocked mileages could be on UK roads, study suggests

There could be 2.5m clocked cars on UK roads

One in every 16 cars on the roads in the UK may have had their odometers illegally tampered with, according to analysis of MOT data.
Keep annual MOT test — but not for the reasons you think, says road safety expert

Opinion: Keep MOT — but not for reasons you think

A report from an independent think tank concluded that the MOT test is “outdated” and should be scrapped. We asked an expert what he thought.
Guide to the new MOT test changes, including tougher diesel emissions limits

Guide to the new MoT rule changes

A new MOT test that comes into force in England, Scotland and Wales this Sunday, May 20, 2018. Here's what you need to know.