Jeremy Clarkson in Spanish hospital after falling ill with pneumonia

Jeremy Clarkson has been admitted to hospital in Majorca where he is being treated for pneumonia after falling ill during a family holiday.
Reader Letters: Shaky sat navs and daytime running lights in Mallorca

Readers' Letters: Shaky sat navs and daytime running...

When will sat navs take into account our Third World road surfaces? Mine recently sent me on a bumpy cross-country trip on potholed non-motorway roads...
Sunday Times Driving Reader Letters June 12, 2016: Juddery wipers, low-riders, brake lights and selective EU laws

Reader Letters: Juddery wipers and selective EU laws

"In his review of the Ford Focus RS (May 29), Jeremy Clarkson says that one irritation was “wipers that judder”. I had the same with my new Focus..."