Number of global electric car charging points surpasses one million

The number of publicly available charging plugs around the world has hit a million, having doubled in just three years.
UK has reached “peak petrol”, says research

Britain has reached 'peak petrol'

New research has revealed that the UK has reached “peak petrol”, with the sales of combustion engine vehicles only set to fall.
Tesla installs world’s 2000th supercharger

Tesla installs world’s 2000th supercharger

ELECTRIC motoring juggernaut Tesla has hit another milestone, as it installed its 2000th supercharger site across the globe.
Street charging is postcode lottery, says research

Electric car street charging is postcode lottery

A study of electric vehicle infrastructure in the UK leaves has revealed the stark regional divides in availability of public chargers.
Government invests in road network and charging infrastructure

Government announces billions for road network

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has announced investment in Britain’s road network worth billions.