Used car buyers charge toward electric models

They are expensive to buy, won't travel very far before running out of power and take an age to recharge - but that isn't deterring drivers from

Traffic jam cost rises to £9bn a year

Highways chiefs have been ordered to reduce the time taken to reopen motorways after accidents as figures showed that traffic jams cost the econo
New car sales fall in April 2017

Dramatic drop in car sales

Car sales have suffered a serious misfire, with a dramatic fall in April. Drivers are reported to have brought forward their purchase of a new...

Boom to bust? Fears for UK car market

Britain’s £40bn car finance market could be heading towards a mis-selling scandal because of concerns about the reliance on debt to buy...
Car factories boom boosts the economy

Car factories boom boosts the economy

British car production accelerated to its highest level in 17 years in November amid rising domestic and international demand.