How long can a baby be left in a car seat?

With children in tow, an essential component of any trip will be a car seat that is legally required for most younger children.
Ford develops tech to prevent overheating in cars

Ford's new tech to prevent deaths in hot cars

New technology, being pioneered by Ford and Hyundai, could help protect young children and pets from heatstroke in hot cars.
The best and worst cars for child safety in 2019 Subaru Forester Euro NCAP crash test

The best and worst cars for child safety

Several new cars have been awarded a five Euro NCAP safety rating in 2019. But which motors are the best when it comes to child protection?
Britax wants to put airbags in child seats - but car makers refuse to help

Child seat makers introducing airbags

Child seats fitted with airbags are to go on sale in a move that is likely to prompt new debate over children’s safety in cars.
Car Clinic: Can a child travel in a car without a car seat?

Car Clinic: Can a child travel without a car seat?

Q. I was asked to drive one of my eight-year-old daughter’s friends home in my car without a car seat. Is this legal?
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'Smart' child seat warns forgetful parents they've...

One child dies every nine days in America as a result of being trapped in a hot car. Now a child seat has been launched that reduces the risk of that...
Bristax bin the booster child car seat safety campaign

Britax urges parents to 'bin the booster' in summer-holiday...

As the school holidays approach, a leading maker of car child seats is warning of the dangers of portable booster cushions
What is ISOFIX?

What is an ISOFIX child seat?

Road safety organisations, engineers and parents all agree: Isofix is the safest way to install a child seat in a car. The mounting system, which...
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News: Euro NCAP announces crash test scores for Discovery...

Deliberately smashing their brand new Porsche, Land Rover or Mini into a wall is probably the last thing on car buyers’ minds, but that’s exactly...
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How safe is my car?

Car safety has come on in leaps and bounds since the days of wooden steering wheels, bench seating and lap belts.