How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

It can be cheaper than filling with petrol or diesel, but what's the real price you pay when it comes to charging an electric car?
Three quarters of electric car owners use extension leads to charge their cars

Many EV car owners charging their cars dangerously

A majority of plug-in hybrid and electric car owners are dangerously recharging their cars, an electrical safety charity has discovered.
James May: 2040 date is too soon for shift to electric cars

James May: 2040 is too soon for electric cars

Motoring journalist and The Grand Tour presenter James May has questioned whether banning the sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040...
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News: Wireless charging for S-class hybrid just 18...

A CAR that can be charged like an electric toothbrush will be sold in Britain in about 18 months.
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News: Tesla supercharger highway powers up electric...

THE dream of being able to drive the length and breadth of Britain in a near-silent battery-powered car has come a step closer to reality.
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Currently on the blink: faulty chargers strand electric...

The number of points at which drivers can recharge their vehicles is rising fast, but as Dominic Tobin discovers, many of them do not work properly