E10 fuel: What is it, how will it affect you and can your car run it?

Last year, the Department for Transport announced the introduction of E10, a lower carbon fuel for petrol vehicles.
Eco petrol to replace current fuel at pumps

E10 fuel switch soon

E10 fuel will become the default type of petrol on British forecourts in just two weeks’ time.
Green new E10 fuel could lead to higher pump prices

Green new E10 fuel could lead to higher prices

A green new fuel set to be introduced in September could cause drivers to pay more for their fuel, it has been warned. 
Car Clinic: Can additives reduce the pollution from a diesel car?

Car Clinic: Can additives reduce diesel pollution?

"Can fuel additives or retrofitted devices make a diesel car less polluting? And will removing biofuel reduce NOx emissions?"
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

News: Waste coffee grounds could power cars, say scientists...

Starbucks and Costa Coffee could become the gas stations of the future if new research bears fruit.