How do average speed cameras work, and does changing lane help avoid speeding fines?

You may not like them, but average speed cameras save lives, according to research. Here's what you need to know about SPECS systems.

Drivers: clean reg plates or risk £1000 fine

Drivers who fail to clean their car’s number plates could be hit with a £1000 fine.
Parking complaints soar as cameras ‘entrap’ motorists

Parking complaints soar as cameras ‘entrap’

Complaints over parking tickets have soared by more than 50 per cent in a year after a surge in the number of car parks monitored by automatic nu
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The roadside surveillance cameras tracking every journey...

Every day you drive your car, the numberplate is likely to be snapped four times, with the hour, the place and your name logged for two years
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How your car's gadgets can be used to track your movements...

After a sat nav helped prove its owner was a killer, Driving reveals how our cars are increasingly keeping tabs on our every move...
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News: Almost 40% of motorists still displaying tax...

More than two months after paper tax discs were rendered obsolete, two out of five drivers are still displaying it in their cars.