Video: watch Eyvind Brynildsen's record-breaking jump in a Ford Fiesta WRC 2

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Norwegian in a Fiesta

FORGET the AeroMobil flying car — if you really want to see a car get airborne, just ask Eyvind Brynildsen. The Norwegian rally driver managed to pilot his R5-specification Ford Fiesta WRC 2 through the air for 45 metres during Rally Sweden last weekend, setting a world record.

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For his aerial antics Brynildsen picked up this year’s Colin’s Crest award, a highlight of the world rally championship season. The prize is given to the driver who produces the longest jump over a hill crest named in honour of the late 1995 world champion Colin McRae, who was known for his spectacular driving style.

The WRC 2 cars in R5 specification are a tier down from the full-fat WRC-class machines, with more restricted turbochargers and other handicaps such as a price cap of €180,000 (£140,000). Even so, the Fiesta R5 beat the previous record, set by Thierry Neuville at last year’s event, by a full metre. Brynildsen was in fifth gear and travelling at around 102mph when he took off.

“I heard that Thierry didn’t believe that the Fiesta R5 could go that fast,” Brynildsen said, “but he can join me for a ride if he is unsure!

“We had a perfect combination of corners before the crest and I knew that we had quite a lot of speed. I decided before the stage that if everything went to plan, then I would try to break the record. I just put my right foot on the pedal and held it down. No drama.”


Previous winners of the Colin’s Crest award
Year Driver Distance
2015 Thierry Neuville 44m
2014 Juho Hänninen 36m
2013 Thierry Neuville 35m
2012 Ott Tänak 32m
2011 Ken Block 37m
2010 Marius Aasen 37m
2008 Khalid Al Qassimi 36m


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