AeroMobil, Europe's first production flying car to take off by 2017

Now taxiing to the runway...

Europe's first flying car

EUROPE’S first production flying car will take to the skies in 2017, said the company behind it, AeroMobil, as it brought its prototype to London last week.

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Able to transform from a car to a plane in about two minutes, the Slovakian-built vehicle, pictured above, will go on sale for “several hundred thousand pounds”.

The company is in discussions with the European Aviation Safety Agency about the rules that will apply when owners take off, to ensure they don’t crash into each other — or any low-flying jumbo jets.

AeroMobil has also joined the British trade association the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which is providing expertise to ensure the machine complies with European car regulations.

The company was co-founded by Stefan Klein, who flies the car in trials, including an unscheduled test of its parachute when it crash-landed last month. Klein was unhurt.

The prototype, displayed at the Slovakian embassy in London, has a top speed of 99mph on the ground and 124mph in the air. It is being redesigned for production by a team that includes former McLaren engineers.