Video: Dispute over car parking space turns into demolition derby

Driver sees red and puts his foot down

Argument over car parking space in Brazil shopping mall video

THIS VIDEO shows why it pays not to get into disputes over parking spaces. Filmed on a mobile phone at the RioMar shopping centre in Recife, eastern Brazil, it shows the tail end of a heated argument over a bay.

The driver of the silver Volkswagen decides he has had enough, jumps in his car, drives forward and then sticks the car in reverse and floors the accelerator. The owners of the 4×4 only just manage to jump out of the way before the supermini smashes into the rear of their car and then scrapes all the way down the side of the vehicle.

The madness doesn’t stop there: the VW driver then switches into first gear and speeds off at top speed, presumably looking for an exit, pursued by the two victims of his rage. The driver doesn’t get far, as security guards quickly intervene.

Reports suggest that, amazingly, no one was hurt in the incident.

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