Three cars crushed as pick-up truck crash lands in Australia

Crikey, mate, that's a bit of a bingle

SEVERAL road users miraculously survived a horrific crash in Australia, after a pick-up truck landed on three cars on a busy highway.

Caught on camera by a nearby tow truck driver, the shocking incident involved the pick-up being launched into the air after driving over a central reservation, and crashing on top the cars.

Despite the violence of the crash, none of the occupants of the four vehicles sustained life-threatening injuries but two people rescued from one of the squashed saloon cars were hospitalised, with one being treated for bruising and fractured ribs, according to reports.

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Local police confirmed to regional news outlets the pick-up driver was arrested and issued with a driving suspension notice, with law enforcement expecting him to face “serious charges”.

Credit: Clayton’s Towing via Storyful