Test your knowledge: When was Isofix launched, and what companies were behind it?

Hint: it wasn't Volvo

Isofix history

It’s official: child seats installed using the Isofix system are safer than those connected just with a seatbelt.

According to research by the German Insurance Association, only 30% of child car seats are installed correctly with only a seatbelt, and 96% with the Isofix system.

In addition, studies carried out by Volvo and Folksam, a Swedish insurance company, on traffic accidents involving children aged up to four found that only 8% of those in a rear-facing car seat were injured, whereas 40% of children in a forward-facing car seat sustained injuries.

But Volvo didn’t invent the system. What company did? Scroll down for the answer.













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The Isofix child seat mounting system, which creates a solid connection between the child seat and the vehicle, was introduced in 1997, after development carried out by Britax-Römer, a car seat maker, and Volkswagen, which first introduced Isofix in the fourth-generation Golf.