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Test your knowledge: Caterham Cars has left Caterham; where has it moved its flagship showroom?

Goodbye, Caterham; hello, where?

Where is the headquarters for Caterham Cars?

WHEN COLIN Chapman decided that he wanted to take his Lotus sports car company upmarket and take on Ferrari and Porsche, he decided to call time on the car that started it all for Lotus: the Seven. It may not have been the very first car that the company made but it was the first big seller.

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Graham Nearn was a Lotus dealer at the time, and remained convinced that no matter what Colin Chapman thought, there was still demand for a minimal sports car such as the Seven. In 1973 he acquired the rights, and, because his showroom was based in Caterham, Surrey, that’s what he decided the call the car and company.

Colin Champan and Graham Nearn with the Lotus Seven

And there it stayed until 2013, when notice was served by the building’s owners and plans were put in place to transform it into flats.

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Caterham Cars opened a new flagship showroom and headquarters in Crawley, Sussex, in April 2015. The company has also recently launched a new range of Seven-based models, which — as in Colin Chapman’s era — buyers may choose to build themselves or have built by the Caterham factory in Dartford, Kent.

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